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Salon Brielle is committed to providing the highest level of service for each individual client. Our Team has a strong passion joined with a diverse knowledge in the art of hair. We strive to elevate our guest experience through our continuing education in the advances of the beauty industry. Using only the highest quality of products, our clients are assured the ultimate salon experience.

Our Team has over 20 years experience in the salon industry. We take pride in having a loyal clientele that return to our salon. Our stylists are continually educated and trained in all the latest and ever-changing trends. We are certified specialists in all aspects of color and cutting. From Pinterest, to Instagram, from Facebook to YouTube to Twitter, as you follow we follow and then some. Our commitment to excellence assures each guest the ultimate salon experience. If you are looking for professional, dedicated attention for your hair cut or color, look no further. The team at Salon Brielle would love to service you!

Magic Sleek Relaxer

Salon Brielle is proud to offer Magic Sleek services.  This treatment is safe for clients of all ages and is designed to be effective on all hair types!

With the same three-step system, you can achieve a pin-straight look, straighten while still retaining body, or remove frizz, redefining a curl entirely.

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We now offer all of the great in-salon hair care products online!  Click HERE and use Activation code 213585 to access our online store.


“Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.  Taste is the love of beauty; Art is the creation of it.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson    

Our Team Members

Monique Young - Salon Brielle - Long Island Hair Salon


Owner, Stylist and Educator
Jenna - Salon Brielle - Long Island Hair Salon


Senior Colorist
Amy - Salon Brielle - Long Island Hair Salon


Senior Colorist / Stylist

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Beautiful updo by Amy!

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New hair is calling!📞☀️ - don’t forget to pre book your appointments! ...

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Nikki is continuing to progress in the right direction and is making great strides with her physical therapist each day! Nikki will continue to have routine scans so Dr. Sekula can monitor Nikki's amazing progress.

As a group, we spent some time with Nikki last weekend and there wasn't a dry eye in the house from being emotional and just grateful to see our girl - to tears from all the laughs! I can speak for all of us by saying it felt amazing to all be back together again and we can't wait for the day it's at Salon Brielle.

Nikki read each and every message you all have written, sent and or had us relay. Nikki is overwhelmed with the love and support and cannot thank you all enough for your continued support.

We will continue to update!
Monique and the Salon Brielle Team

The go fund me and meal train are still up for anyone who would like to donate:

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the sweetest little money piece!😚
by @shear_edge

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Bayalage by @dianaslayedmymane

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Nikki had her follow up with her amazing surgeon Monday, Dr. Raymond Sekula. The staples were removed and he’s very happy with how she’s healing and progressing! Although we want our girl back ASAP, we are so thrilled with her surgeon’s report!

Thank you to everyone who has reached out, donated and kept Nikki and the Stile family in your thoughts and prayers - please continue to do so!

Here are the links for those who want to donate to the go fund me and or the meal train we have set up for Nikki and her family.

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Our beautiful @taylbasuino sending a message to our Nikki💙 it’s been an adjustment for all of us as I’m sure it has been for all of you missing her face and behind the desk - we have high hopes she’ll be back before we know it!😇💙 ...

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It is with great excitement that we can announce.. OUR GIRL IS HOME!!! WE REPEAT OUR GIRL IS HOME!!

Nikki is truly a force to be reckoned with, her strength is remarkable. She is home and getting stronger each day. Although we know it’s going to take some time and healing, we have hopes Nikki will be back before we all know it! Keep our girl in your thoughts throughout her healing process!

Thank you everyone for your continued support and well wishes for Nikki. We will keep sending each message you all share the Stile family's way.

As a salon we have something in the works for a future fundraiser, we will keep you all posted!

For now here is the link for the meal train for those interested in sending Nikki and her family some feel good food!

Monique and the Salon Brielle team

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You are so brave and so strong Nikki💙
Now we recover and heal❤️

Thank you everyone for all your thoughts, prayers, love and messages💙

As Nikki said right before her surgery, “You better say, “I love you,” and hold the ones you love tight, and never let go, ‘cause ya never know.” 💙

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“ We are family, I got all my sisters and me”
The times that we’ve all repeated those lyrics over and over in our head. There’s no more relevant time than the NOW.
As a salon family we, as they say, “have been through it all.”
But as all of you know, WE truly have been through it all. We’ve been so blessed to go through it together and with the support of all of you.

“You are OUR family, all our sisters and me.”
We’ve all said at times, “life is short, ya never know.”

Right now we are in the “ya never know.”

Our Nikki, that first beautiful face you see when you walk in the salon, that smile that lights up when she sees you, with those baby blues, needs all of our love and prayers right now.

On Friday, Nikki went to the hospital with symptoms of blurry vision, an odd smell and head pain. Something, that over the past few months has occurred. She knew that these “episodes” weren’t just going away. She called her Dad, Big Joe :) and of course, without hesitation, he picked her up and went straight to the ER.
Tests were run, ct scan and mri. Around 3am they received news that she has a tumor on her brain that needs to be removed. The symptoms she was having were classic of a seizure. Nikki, being very in tune with what was going on and keeping notes, “it was the best thing you could have done,”the Dr. told her.
To receive the best care, the decision was made to transfer Nikki to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

It’s important to Nikki that you all know that she appreciates all the love and prayers being sent her way. And more importantly she wants us all to “love a little deeper, laugh a little louder, and hold the ones you love a little tighter”
because “ya never know” ❤️
Please hold Nikki tight in your heart and prayers.
All our love,
Monique & all the Salon Brielle family💙

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Fashion colors all 2023! All @wellahair products used🥰

Slayed by @hairby_tinag

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Client Safety Guidelines
All team members have tested negative for Covid19. We will get tested every two weeks.
  • Masks are required (stylist will be wearing masks) note your mask may get color on it