Sparks Color

Founded in 2013, Beauty Perfection was created with the commitment for a world of love and color. It all started with a group of woman who had a creative passion to create some kick-butt, vibrant colors that actually lasted! Yes, there were other brands out there in the market but we couldn’t stand how they faded so fast! We wanted something that stayed vibrant longer. Something so bright it would make people stop in their tracks to check out our hair! So that is exactly what we did, we worked tirelessly on formulas and side-by-side comparisons until we nailed it! SPARKS Bright shades plus our Crystal Clear, has given us a palette to create endless color creations! We love launching new colors every year, based on where our crazy minds take us as well as what our fans request! With the exploding success and feedback from our dedicated fans from SPARKS Colors, we decided to then launch a collection of 50 permanent shades: SPARKS HIDRACOLOR. We are thrilled to be a well-rounded color collection from the brightest brights to the warmest mahongany shades to the brightest blondes you can find!

Whether it’s SPARKS Colors or SPARKS HIDRACOLOR, all colors are created to nourish the hair as it colors because let’s be honest, who wants fried hair once you have a gorgeous color? We also knew we wanted to top it off with a hi-gloss finish for an overall flawless look so that’s just what we created! With all of us engrained in beauty, we are committed to creating the best quality products that won’t break the bank. We hope you share the passion for love and color as much as we do!

Tried our colors and LOVE them? Tag us on social with @shopbeautyperfection and #sparkscolor because we love showing your looks off!

Not a fan? Let us know why and we will be committed to making it right for you and making our brand better!

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